Optimal Living 101

The Class We Never Had

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Isn't it a bit odd that most schools go from Science to Math to History but somehow miss the class on how to live? For some wacky reason "Optimal Living 101" doesn’t make the schedule.

But, you're in luck. Now that class does exist!

What is Optimal Living?

Optimal Living = ancient wisdom + modern science + common sense + fundamentals + virtue + mastery + cool. The goal? Actualize our potential so we can most fully serve the world. We've identified 10 Principles that are the foundation of our work.

the 10 principles

The 10 Principles of Optimal Living

From old school sages to modern scientists, all the great teachers come back to the same Big Ideas again and again. Here are the 10 Principles for creating our most authentically awesome lives.



Ancient philosophers and modern-day scientists tell us that if we can’t tame that crazy, drunk monkey in our mind and shape the contents of our consciousness, nothing else matters. Period.



What inspires you? What’s your purpose? Your highest calling? Living an authentically awesome life requires creating an empowering vision and keeping your eye on your Highest Goal.



From the Oracle of Delphi and the Buddha to modern science, it’s clear: We’ve gotta know ourselves. How well do you know thyself?



Scientists tell us that happy people have projects. Whether it’s mastering your sport or acing an exam or showing up more powerfully for your community, we need goals that inspire us.



All that’s nice, but we need to follow Guru Nike’s advice and *Just Do It!* Are you taking consistent, impeccable action and building your willpower muscles? (Science says: Self-discipline outpredicts IQ for academic success by a factor of 2.)



We’re gonna have a hard time reaching our potential if we have a hard time getting out of bed. Are you honoring the simple fundamentals of nutrition/exercise/rejuvenation?



Wisdom is all about approaching life as our classroom and looking at every moment as another opportunity to live our ideals.



The word comes from the Latin word for “heart.” It’s the virtue that pumps blood to all the other virtues. Without it, none of this other stuff matters. How’s your courage pumping?



Love, love, love. Love starts with ourselves and emanates out to our family and friends and community. Let’s study love like you’d study a sport or a musical instrument or a language we want to master.



God/Spirit/The Universe. Whatever you call the Force that beats our hearts and keeps the planets in line, it’s the center and circumference of everything. Connecting to it is a good idea. You plugged in?

Meet Brian Johnson

50% Philosopher. 50% CEO. Brian is 100% committed to helping people optimize their lives so we can change the world together.

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Brian Johnson is the founder of en*theos—a company he created with his wife, Alexandra. Brian created PhilosophersNotes and Optimal Living 101, wrote a little book called A Philosopher's Notes and was featured in the documentary Finding Joe.

In his past lives, Brian raised $8 million to finance the creation of eteamz + Zaadz (sold to Active (NYSE: ACTV) + Gaiam, Inc. (Nasdaq: GAIA), respectively) after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA (where he studied Psychology + Business).